ARMONIA – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


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The eyes feel the hands, that notice the skin, that feels the breeze, that higher up moves the clouds, that in turn know about the sea. Everything is divided and shared under the sun, everything is in harmonious becoming, and beauty is born from this balance. Daughter of the Myth (according to which her marriage was the last occasion when the gods sat down at the table with men), Armonia aspires to embody this dynamic and incessant relationship between spiritual and material elements, this energy from which flows beauty. The aerial Armonia is sculpted by a block of methacrylate and accompanied by a die-cast brass stone and set by hand with crystals. Its diaphanous appearance is obtained thanks to the patient work of our artisans who polish it by hand, until they acquire the transparency of the crystal. Numbered and produced in limited edition, like all our most precious clutches, it is equipped with an organic silk satin case able to contain the essential.

Measures: H: 15cm X D: 6cm X W: 24cm

3D printed Methacrylate, hand-painted and engraved.

Detachable 100% organic silk satin pocket

Limited edition: each piece is numbered.

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