BENEDETTA BRUZZICHES is a dimension governed by special laws where everything is held to perfection but nothing works like elsewhere.

A delicate balance between the tension in creating unique works and a gentle approach to work, its times, its relationships.

Our objet d’heart are born on the hills of Caprarola, in a factory immersed in the woods of Tuscia, where art and craftsmanship constantly dialogue. Here, a close-knit group of young artisans, led by Benedetta and her brother Agostino, meticulously takes care of every bag, dedicating themselves to the creation of timeless jewels.

In 2009, the Bruzziches brothers gave birth to a company where the value of each individual is paramount, and where wonder is the light that illuminates the days.

Since then, the now famous bags ‘with a name of their own’ have been spontaneously chosen by remarkable women in every corner of the world.


Imagine arriving in an ancient Italian village that majestically rises on a hilltop. A place of simple peasants, hazelnut cultivators, where many small houses with vibrant colors develop around an ancient Renaissance castle, the majestic Palazzo Farnese, which has always nourished the dreams of the local little ones.


In this small village, nestled in a dark forest, the same one that Dante Alighieri masterfully describes in his Divine Comedy, Benedetta and Agostino Bruzziches have decided to embark on a surreal adventure, opening a bag workshop in the garage of their parents’ house (this doesn’t only happen in Silicon Valley).


Why open a bag factory in a place famous for hazelnut production? The answer has been, “Why not?”

What surrounds us shapes and molds us, and the Bruzziches brothers have made this the hallmark of their success:

“Our mission was not only to make bags, but to be able to do it from home, in the place where we feel we belong. Maybe having fun with a group of friends that was growing by the day! Without leaving just because we were told we would never make it in a remote country village.”

A country village that nevertheless offered, as if they were gifts from the earth, teachings, secrets and ancient answers to modern questions. A village that was the impetus for thinking and imagining a unique production model that proved to be the perfect tool for creating unique bags.

The brand builds its production on the communities and artisans of the Caprarola area by gracefully inserting itself into the slow cadence of life in a place that has a peasant spirit in its veins.

“It became clear to us that success transcended the mere pursuit of conformity or collective consensus. Innovation comes from the authentic expression of our identity and the rich tapestry of our local heritage. And if it spoke to us of cultivated fields rather than luxury handbags, we, as good sons of farmers, were able to listen to the earth beneath our feet and reap its best fruits.

Each stitch weaves a story of individuality, each one thread a testament to our unwavering commitment to community. By embracing our diversity, we have unleashed a reservoir of creativity, resulting in creations that defy convention and exude unparalleled distinction.”

Here in Tuscia, until the 2000s women would gather in groups to knit often for large luxury brands. Taking up this system, which was already well-established in the area, our decentralized production system was born, with more than fifty local craftswomen at work on our creations, sewing crystal meshes in their own homes and at their own pace, modeling a profession around their own lives, not vice versa.


“It is a challenging and fulfilling job. Since I joined this team, I have always felt supported and encouraged by the staff and my colleagues, despite my initial lack of experience. Today, I can say that I am part of a family of unique creators. It is a job that allows me to manage my time and that I am passionate about, rhinestone by rhinestone. And every time I see the finished work, I know I have contributed to creating beauty. When people ask me what I do for a living, I say, “I create patterns of light and color.” Amalia, 61 – Civita Castellana

Every day, these women (led by Mamma Ada) hand-sew one bag after another, fitting these moments into the time of their own days at will.

A delicate architecture that we strive to build day by day, pouring as much love as we can into the community in which we live, the land and the extended family of friends and artisans.

This is our idea of art.

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