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I’ve often wondered if it’s inevitable to choose between being nice or being right. Or even if it is illusory to think that we can be elegant but remain, together, genuine. I wouldn’t find the perfect answer 100 years ago. But sometimes, for mysterious reasons, it happens that prodigious people appear on Earth that these answers embody them to perfection.   Raffaella was born as a tribute to the great Italian showgirl capable of dancing in perfect balance between (apparently) irreconcilable virtues.   Organic and technological. Organic like sepals of an orchid and technological together like the hulls of a catamaran, Raffaella has a body that is a leather shell, potbelly and sharp, supported by a metal handle open to “C”, with an irregular profile, obtained by laser cutting a metal plate of 4 mm. A small tubular, in leather or metal, combines body and handle as a basting, or if we want as a tendril on a vine shoot.

Measures: H 33cm x D 5cm x W 32cm

External: Leather

Internal: Polyester

Ceramic zip puller

100% handmade in Italy

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