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Ewa is a sandal that embodies the essence of poetry, physics, mathematics, architecture and anatomy, seamlessly woven together to create a unique and innovative masterpiece. Ewa’s structure is a testament to its extraordinary lightness, evoking the sensation of walking on veils of leaves and gentle breezes. The 8 cm heel, resembling a delicate leaf, invites you to experience a poetic journey with every step. Handcrafted by master shoemakers, Ewa boasts meticulous attention to detail and an intricate recipe of materials. Two satin straps adorned with crystal mesh elegantly wrap around the foot, while the dynamically inclined heel becomes an unexplored stage for light. The insole features a thin layer of Eva foam that makes the shoe soft and comfortable. Just like the poet Ewa Lipska, who weaves words into captivating verses, the Ewa shoe weaves together the elements of design, craftsmanship and artistic inspiration into a harmonious whole.

Heel Height: 80mm

100% organic silk satin

Sole: Leather

Satin ABS heel whit rhinestone mesh

100% handmade in Italy.

Shipping Cost:

Shipping to Italy is free of charge

-Shipping cost to all EU/UK countries is 15€

-Shipping cost to all the other countries is 35€

Delivery time

-for shipments to Italy and EU it usually takes 24-48 hours

-for shipments to other countries it usually takes 48-96 h

Prices and Duties:

-If shipping is in Europe shown price is VAT included.

-If shipping is outside Europe the final price will be calculated at the checkout without VAT 22%.

Custom duties and taxes are at your own and will not be refunded.

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