Certainly it all began at that precise moment: a wig that was not her, the words of love of another said by heart, laugh, cry, be born and die, and then return home.
The next day, restarting the game, repeating it a hundred times asking each take: «Who am I?».

Everyone calls her VITTY but she prefers to be simply called “Monica”, and is a tribute to the great Italian actress, shy muse of Michelangelo Antonioni.

She loves to be embraced tightly and knows how to reciprocate trepidately with the softness of a hand-sewn silk satin body. If you take her outside and hold her under your arm, whether for a moonlight or just for a firefly, with her mesh of crystals dress she knows how to shower you gently with her flickering reflections: it is her way of blushing.



Misure: H: 12cm X D: 3cm X W: 18,5cm

Esterno: 100% Maglia in alluminio tempestata di strass di cristallo

Interno: 100% Fodera in Raso di Seta

100% realizzato a mano in Italia

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