Benedetta Bruzziches is a miracle

Benedetta Bruzziches is a miracle

A dimension governed by special laws
in which everything is held perfectly
but nothing works like elsewhere.
A delicate balance
between the tension in creating unique works
and a kind approach to work,
its times, its relationships.

Her object d’heart are born
on the hills of Caprarola,
in a factory nestled
in the woods in the heart of Tuscia
where art and mastery interact incessantly.
Here a small group of young artisans
led by Benedetta and her brother Agostino
meticulously takes care of each bag
and devotes itself to the creation of timeless jewels.

Since 2009, Bruzziches family
created a company in which
above all
is the value of each person that matters,
along with the amazement which lights up the days.

If you ask me to describe my work,
rather than designer.
I would tell you that I feel
like a queen bee at the head of her hive.

I design bags,
as elusive messages,
through fusion processes,
and the fragility from which they arose is decisive.

My design life
is an astonishing participation in this game
with unknown rules.
I hardly ever find myself designing a bag,
sometimes I write the concept of it,
sometimes I dream of it.
I let it emerge
in the form it prefers.
I watch her
make her way through my roots,
indifferent to fashion.

this is why in a material
it is the temperature that convinces me
and the comparison with color
puts me in turmoil every time.

I let madness and fantasy
be free to play together
and generate havoc,
showing themselves in their fruitful union.
There will be time for logic
and for reason,
cleaning up the room
and tidy up what’s left.

Each bag
is born from a dream, from a vision,
rebelling itself against the fate of being only a container
and choosing another life, more independent,
“poetic, and little self-deprecating object”.

Each bag is
a touching experience
that recalls a personal milestone,
a snapshot of the evolution of the feminine
to discover the goddesses
who govern the personality of every woman.

Ethics and aesthetics are parts of the same substance,
a beauty that proceeds in small steps possible.
We experience new ways
building bridges and links between distant visions ,
aware that manual work
is privileged access to the sacred.

We have broad shoulders for infinite hugs
and long tables to share
the active joy of our artisans
and the good air quality of our land.