BB - Gymnopédie

that nothing is like before,
the pains of the past are reduced to a chuckle of amazement, to be taken so much for so little.
In this inverted reality, the anxieties of the past appear as worlds so far away that it seems unlikely to have inhabited them in the past.

Nothing is like before, we said. Not even BB, who discovered to be flexible, loosened her knot, learned to dance and let herself be carried away by the wind.

The new sinuous and colorful version of our small calfskin crossbody with suede interior. Made in the family atelier by the master leather designer Matteo, in the limited edition, the leather was replaced by crystal caviar. The methacrylate handle is thermoformed by hand by the master Nando. The shoulder strap in brass wire is a woven metal mesh made in Arezzo.


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Misure: H: 17cm X D: 7cm X W: 20cm

Esterno: 100% tessuto tempestato di strass

Interno: 100% Suede

Manico in metacrilato termoformato a mano

100% Realizzato in Italia

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